Manic Street Preachers To Open Recording Studio | Music News

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Manic Street Preachers To Open Recording Studio | Music News



Planning permissions have been granted by Newport City Council for a nearby cottage to be turned into a recording studio at the hands of the Manic Street Preachers.


Wales Online reports that the council recently granted approval for the Caerleon cottage’s conversion, though some impositions remain. One being that the facility is to be used only by the band and no other musicians. Other conditions include that a maximum of eight people may be allowed to use the studio at one time and that operation hours are to be between 9am and 10pm on weekdays, and 9am and 6pm on weekends.


Furthermore, the band will be keeping the peace of nearby properties in mind by carrying out a series of soundproofing measures.


A design and access statement that was submitted with the plans read:


“The applicants, who are a well-known and well respected band, are making arrangements to move from an existing recording studio and they wish to convert an existing dwelling into a new studio. The choice of the application property was made having regards to its reasonably isolated location. However, it is important to note that the proposed use will not result in noise issues that could affect local residents”.



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