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Marie Dahlstrøm – Mine | Music Video

Conversations About Her

Marie Dahlstrøm – Mine | Music Video


Following a video sent to the London based and Danish bred singer-songwriter, Marie Dahlstrøm, of her Japanese fan club dancing to “Look The Other Way”, she decided to use the dancers to shoot an impromptu video for “Mine”, whilst visiting Tokyo. Written with and produced by Pelle Blarke, it is the second single from her Friday, November 25, EP.


“Mine” is a laidback number, interspersed with chopped up vocal samples. Light, pattering drum eases in, as vocals are not so much rooted in Nineties RnB as they are, in fact, floating to the clouds. The drums seem to grow more emphatic, lending the track a moody vibe. Relaxing xylophone shimmers into the track’s end.


Australian videographer, Matt De Sousa, filmed the video in Shibuya, Tokyo “at 4 in the morning”, and is edited by Marie herself. The dancing is as unique as it is wholesome and pure. The scenes of the group dancing together are particularly memorable, as are the individual routines. So much so, Marie, though underpinning the visuals, plays a cameo role.




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