Matt LeBlanc To Present BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ With Chris Evans | TV News

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Matt LeBlanc To Present BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ With Chris Evans | TV News



The BBC have just announced that Chris Evans’ co-presenter for the new look Top Gear, will include actor Matt LeBlanc. The BBC haven’t given many new details in their offical announcement , however it does confirm the show will be airing in May.


LeBlanc rose to fame during his run as struggling actor and food lover, Joey Tribbiani in the smash-hit American sitcom Friends and more recently he has been appearing as a fictional version of himself in the BBC show Episodes.


Chris Evans, writing on twitter, has confirmed that more news is to follow, as well as including an official picture of himself, LeBlanc and Top Gear favourite, The Stig. LeBlanc has previously teased his involvement on his official twitter page, by posting a picture captioned “I love Top Gear“, then announcing that some big news would be coming soon.





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