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Miley Cyrus – Malibu | Music Video

Conversations About Her

Miley Cyrus – Malibu | Music Video


You can feel the romance radiate from Miley Cyrus‘ new single and music video like the heat in the sand at the peak of summer. Cyrus seems to have ditched the rebellious party-hard twerking Miley and replaced it with a more organic and innocent sort of Miley (note that Cyrus wears white in every single shot too; classic symbolism at play).


The video for “Malibu” stands out because of how down to earth and beautiful it looks. It looks like a very well-produced private recording shot by Miley’s beau; there are lots of smiles, cheeky glances, and a even a fair bit of frolicking on the beach.


The song is about the life that fiance Liam Hemsworth has given Cyrus, and the happiness that came along too. The lyrics are simple, like a love-sick diary entry…but it matches the theme so well.


In a recent video with Billboard, Cyrus actually discusses the song’s meaning, how it was written, and more.


“It’s a brand new start” Cyrus sings in the final verse, which could easily allude to several things at once. It’ll be interesting to see if this style sticks and if not, what the next one will be.


“Malibu” was released on the same day as the music video and can be bought here. Also, if you want an in-depth and recent interview with Cyrus, check out the interview that Billboard conducted on May 3 where they discuss Hemsworth, old songs, politics, and much more.


Watch the music video below:



Feature image taken from the music video for “Malibu”.



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