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Molly Drag – Glass | New Music

Conversations About Her

Molly Drag – Glass | New Music


It’s 10pm and, trying to motivate myself to write, I find something that did yet also maintained the melancholic feeling that I was trying to rid. And I’m grateful, because it’s beautiful.


With a sad, enchanting melody that’s reminiscent of The Pixies‘ “Where Is My Mind” and Coldplay‘s “Fix You”, this song fills the space in my bedroom and suddenly it’s hard to focus. I’m trying to absorb everything that Molly Drag‘s “Glass” has to offer, but the steady guitar and Michael Hansford‘s soothing vocals constantly lull me into an almost hypnotic state where all I want to do is keep replaying.


My advice is to shut the lights off or close your eyes, letting “Glass” wash over you like you’re floating face-up in open water. Enjoy the experience below:



“Glass” is lifted from upcoming LP Whatever Reason (out April 21 via Bandcamp).



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Shanade McConney

A recent graduate with a BA in Creative Writing and a strong passion for rock and electronic, Shanade is eager to combine writing with her love for music. In 2004, she attended Reading Festival (affectionately dubbed 'Reading Rock' as a teen) and has been a fan of live shows ever since. Music inspires her, whether it's writing about it or listening to it as she writes. She is also pumped to speak about social justice issues and things that we ought not to take for granted.

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