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Nam Tae-hyun – Hey You | New Music

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Nam Tae-hyun – Hey You | New Music


Singer, Nam Tae-hyun, formerly of popular Korean boy band, Winner, dropped a new track, “Hey You”, to his Soundcloud account earlier today!


The track is relatively short at 1 minute and 39 seconds long, but the soothing feeling his soft voice and mellow guitar instrumental brings lingers a lot longer than that. The song features lyrics of encouragement for a lover and fans are thrilled to hear his voice again.


YG Entertainment, home to Winner, had announced back in October of 2016 that Tae-hyun would be taking an indefinite hiatus from group activities due to mental health issues. YG announced on November 24 that their exclusive contract with Tae-hyun had been cancelled and that he would be officially leaving the group, much to the sadness of Winner fans.


Despite YG citing psychological and mental health issues as the main reason behind his departure, Tae-hyun’s eagerness to recruit members for a new band, of a more alternative style than Winner is famous for, concerned his fans. Fans also point out that Tae-hyun had been embroiled in a dating rumour with Korean-Australian, actress Jung Ryeo-won, before he announced his hiatus, back in October.


What really went down between YG Entertainment and Tae-hyun, we might never know but it’s great to hear Tae-hyun’s voice again! Listen to “Hey You” below and check out his other tracks on Soundcloud, here.




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