Neal Purvis And Robert Wade To Write Next ‘James Bond’ Film | Film News

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Neal Purvis And Robert Wade To Write Next ‘James Bond’ Film | Film News


The longevity of the James Bond franchise can be astounding if you really step back to think about it. The 007 adventures have seen 26 movies and 12 different actors for the iconic James Bond role in 55 years, but if there’s one thing falling in love with a franchise has taught us, it’s that familiar is good and we’re in luck!


Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, responsible for writing a whopping half dozen James Bond films including the franchise’s most successful installment, Casino Royale, will be reuniting with producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson to pen the next Bond movie as well.


Daniel Craig has yet to confirm his return to the big screen as James Bond, but the odds are in our favor with the producers hesitant to change a formula that’s worked for the franchise so far.


With development still in its earliest stages, production is expected to commence in the fall at earliest, but with no one to fill in the director’s spot, I’d give it a good two years or so before we swing into the next 007 adventure.



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