Netflix And The Affleck Brothers Could Save ‘Triple Frontier’ | Film News

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Netflix And The Affleck Brothers Could Save ‘Triple Frontier’ | Film News


Triple Frontier, the J.C. Chandor film which has gone through an arduous pre-production process without even filming anything, got bad news last month when script alterations led to stars Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum to exit the project and Paramount dropping it altogether. Back then, I wrote that the film just couldn’t catch a break. Well this time, it has.


Netflix have emerged as a front runner to get the project moving again. Several suitors are reportedly battling for the rights, but if Netflix comes out on top they are set to offer the lead roles to brothers Ben & Casey Affleck. Casey’s fellow Oscar recipient Mahershala Ali is still signed on to star in the film.


The film is a drug war drama, set in the notorious border zone between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay with organised crime rampant. Kathryn Bigelow was at one point set to direct before Chandor (A Most Violent Year) took over.


While Netflix haven’t found much success with their Original Films, and Casey would surely prefer Amazon to produce the film considering the success he had with them and Manchester By The Sea, it’s still a coup for a film that looked to be going nowhere.


If Netflix wins out and the Affleck brothers sign on, they reportedly want production to begin later this year. It would be the first time the two brothers appeared in the same film since 1999’s 200 Cigarettes.


So, finally some good news for this seemingly forever-doomed film. Despite Netflix’s average track record for original films, and having recently questioned their distribution process, with the amount of talent on board Triple Frontier could be the film to turn it around. Let’s just hope this deal gets done before any more issues arise.



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