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Netflix Releases First Trailer For ‘To The Bone’ | Film Trailer

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Netflix Releases First Trailer For ‘To The Bone’ | Film Trailer


Netflix have made their pursuit of quality over quantity rather clear over recent months with the cancellation of Sense 8 and The Get Down. In delivering high quality content, the newly released trailer for To The Bone seems promising.


Lily Collins stars as Ellen, a defensive anorexic reluctant to be treated. In and out of rehabilitation homes, it is not until meeting the unconventional Dr. William Beckham (Keanu Reeves) that hopes of recovery come to light for Ellen. The film highlights the struggle of facing up to, and subsequently treating, eating disorders whilst also emphasising the strain on the relationships of sufferers. Though a serious topic, the film takes on a darkly comedic tone which aids to normalise discussions surrounding eating disorders.


At its Sundance Film Festival release in January this year, both Collins and writer/director Marti Noxon admitted to struggling with eating disorders in the past and so it is without doubt that their involvement in the production stems from a desire to start a conversation about such struggles.


The film aims to battle the taboo surrounding anorexia, and the comedic strategy adopted promises to invite an audience. The inclusion of male sufferers – a group underrepresented – furthers the move toward better understanding the disorder and accepting it as something that is more common than we, as a society, like to acknowledge


If the trailer is anything to go by, To The Bone looks to not only be an entertaining watch full of both drama and laughs, but also one to open the eyes of the audiences that watch it.


To The Bone premieres on Netflix July 14. Catch the first trailer below:




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