Netflix’s ‘The Defenders’ Trailer Finally Debuts | TV Trailer

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Netflix’s ‘The Defenders’ Trailer Finally Debuts | TV Trailer


Netflix, in their relatively brief existence in the world of original programming, have already altered the shape of television as we know it. The next stage may have just arrived.


The trailer for the highly anticipated team up of the lead heroes from Netflix’s Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist, The Defenders, has landed. And with it, perhaps the next logical step for big-time TV.


The film world has recently upped the ante in creating universes where previously stand alone characters exist in and interact with each other; this is arguably the television equivalent of the first Avengers movie. Will it have the same impact?


If you weren’t sold on the idea of The Defenders, the trailer below will certainly attempt to sway you with an intriguing – but importantly, non-spoiler heavy – 2 and a half minutes of action set pieces, witty one-liners and a surprisingly fitting usage of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are.”



Whether this will signal a shift in the dynamic of TV – other hit shows attempting to form interconnected universes in the hope of a big, ratings-grabbing team up? – or simply be another large feather in Netflix’s cap, it’s bound to make waves in the TV world, the streaming world and possibly, the movie world as well. Daredevil, Jessica Jones and co. in a future Avengers movie anyone?


All episodes of The Defenders arrive on all Netflix territories Friday, August 18.



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