New Clip From Upcoming ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Movie | Film News

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New Clip From Upcoming ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Movie | Film News


Disney Movie Trailers have dropped yet another teaser for their upcoming Beauty And The Beast live-action remake film!



The clip uploaded to their official YouTube channel is titled “Gaston” Clip and teases at Luke Evans and Josh Gad’s take on the classic Gaston song, originally performed by Jesse Corti and Richard White.


Not a single detail has been spared for the setting and costumes of the scene, with the dim glow of the plain candle chandeliers, the wooden deer heads mounted on the wall, the velvety look of LeFou’s vest and the peek of hair under Gaston’s ruffled collar.


Josh Gad’s LeFou rouses up agreement of the guests at the pub to cheer up Gaston, played by Luke Evans, who sits with his legs propped up and his hands folded behind his head, the picture of boredom and conceitedness that everyone loved to hate in the original 1991 musical film.


Beauty And The Beast can be seen in theatres starting March 17!



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