New Portals – Sober | Music Video – Conversations About Her

New Portals – Sober | Music Video

Conversations About Her

New Portals – Sober | Music Video


Sober” is New Portals latest single to be taken from their new EP Golden Hour. The duo has today revealed the video that goes alongside “Sober”, the track which has an acoustic guitar intertwined sideways with slow-jam electronics. In relation to “Sober” New Portals stated:


…is about your ‘desert island friend’, the friend where you would be perfectly entertained if you were stuck on a desert island with them. No need for external help to have fun, ‘Sober’ is a celebration of this type of bond that we all need.


It is a video that rejoices in the real decision of enjoying sobriety. Ruth Aicken who is one half of the New Portals duo was dancing between a kaleidoscopic wave of visuals. “I like to party when we’re sober” – her hypnotic hushed coo is the very embodiment of the video.


Earlier this year, the duo also released their debut EP Stereo which achieved critical acclaim from The Guardian, Pop Dust, Dork Magazine and many more.


Watch and listen to the band’s latest single “Sober” here, and enjoy it on this lovely Wednesday.




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