New ‘Power Rangers’ Trailer Hopes To Capitalise On Nostalgia | Film Trailer

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New ‘Power Rangers’ Trailer Hopes To Capitalise On Nostalgia | Film Trailer


We’re well entrenched in a pop culture world where existing properties get recycled, remade and rebooted until the cycle repeats.


Recently there’s been a slew of TV adaptations of popular movies (see: Lethal Weapon, Minority Report, Taken, The Exorcist, Fargo, Limitless, I could go on), film franchises that recently concluded are being revived (Saw) and we’re well in the middle of the “cash in on nostalgia” period of blockbuster filmmaking.


A new Star Wars movie every year is one thing, but it’ll be interesting to see how well the upcoming Power Rangers movie does with audiences. Judging by the new trailer, every superhero trope that’s ever existed will be deployed in order to make this into the next multi-movie, major money making franchise. Will nostalgia win out and make people care about a phenomenon that seemingly died about 20 years ago?


The film could surprise us and be something unique and unexpected, of course. Though it seems likely to go one of two ways: either a competent, by-the-numbers, easily consumable reboot designed to fill as many seats as possible, or a complete misfire. The trailer promises obvious exposition, callbacks to the original show and easily digestible origin stories and fight scenes. It may make a billion dollars.


The trailer is below, you can almost hear Bryan Cranston wondering whether he’s made a huge mistake. Power Rangers opens in cinemas on Friday, March 24.




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