New Trailer For Pixar’s ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Features New Dialogue And Clips | Film Trailer

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New Trailer For Pixar’s ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Features New Dialogue And Clips | Film Trailer



It’s a very rare occurrence (in fact, it’s unprecedented) to have two Disney Pixar films released in the same year. And yet, here we are, many of us still recovering from the emotional roller coaster of Inside Out, with under two months to go until the studio’s next film, The Good Dinosaur hits cinemas.


The film, which was originally intended to be released back in 2014 but got pushed back, will see the company go prehistoric. It takes place in a world where the dinosaurs never became extinct, existing into the dawn of man. The young dinosaur Arlo, voiced by Raymond Ochoa, is separated from his family during an intense flood, leaving him all alone. He soon makes friends with a young human boy, named Spot (Jack Bright), and the two set off on an adventure, facing perilous weather conditions and some much bigger dinosaurs, to reunite Arlo with his family.


Unlike the previous trailers, this one actually gives us full lines of dialogue as well as a better look at Arlo and Spot’s friendship. In addition to hearing Arlo, we also get to hear several other characters, including Sam Elliott as Butch, a Tyrannosaurus rex.


It’s still a bit too early to call if this will end up joining Pixar’s long list of beloved hits, or whether it will join Cars 2 on the other spectrum of things. I have high hopes though that this will prove to be another beautifully made tear-jerker just like the studio’s previous film. Just look at the ending clip of Spot comforting a downhearted Arlo and tell me you’re not moved. The Good Dinosaur will be released in the US on November 25 and in the UK on November 27. Watch the new trailer below.




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