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Nick Wilson – In Your Eyes | New Music

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Nick Wilson – In Your Eyes | New Music



Nick Wilson is a person who, although is a newcomer, he just knows how to woo people with his music releases every time. Now he has a new track out on Soundcloud, entitled “In Your Eyes”, and it’s his turn to be more creative in the sounds that he prefers to listen to, and produce in his own songs.


As he quoted about this song’s theme, “In Your Eyes’ is, at its core, a song about love. It’s about infatuation, that first time you meet someone and there’s that part of you that doesn’t ever want to look away. But it’s also about self doubt, knowing that someone is incredible, but they don’t see it themselves. It’s about that person you’re willing to do anything for, and that feeling that made you willing to do that in the first place”.


So he generally can touch a more multi-varied audience this time, and in this way, have a different range of people enjoy listening to his music. So you should also check out below his fresh folk-pop single proposition, and just enjoy and relax listening to it!




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