Nicki Minaj Robbed: Was It An Inside Job? | Music News

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Nicki Minaj Robbed: Was It An Inside Job? | Music News


Nicki Minaj made headlines last night as she was reportedly robbed of $200,000 worth of items from her mansion. She was not home when the burglary occurred but as the investigation continues; speculations are arising that it was an inside job, as the items stolen were personal.


It comes at a blow for the NY rapper, as she recently just went through a public breakup with Meek Mill and the reasons for this still seem pretty unclear. Unsurprisingly for Meek, it seems another L is headed his way as he is the #1 suspect according to Nicki’s fans as they believe he reacted to her reuniting with her Young Money label mates, Lil Wayne and Drake. As always social media wasted no time creating memes and hashtags to mock the situation.


It looks like Nicki may need to watch her inner circle a little more closely but it is fortunate that she was not present or who knows what else may have occurred.



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