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Nina Schofield – Come Down | New Music

Conversations About Her

Nina Schofield – Come Down | New Music

Nina Schofield


Yesterday (September 28), London based singer-songwriter Nina Schofield shared her new single “Come Down”, which is due for release on November 6 via 23rd Precinct/ Notting Hill Music.


The artist has already tasted success when she managed to peak at number 4 on the Itunes chart with a self-released single. She has also grabbed the attention of many industry insiders and has previously worked with such names as Gabrielle Aplin’s Tom Wilding, Morrisey’s Richard Niles, Usher’s Angelo Valentino and Orbital’s Lloyd Perrin.


Nina is a classically trained musician as well as a graduate from the Academy of Contemporary Music. Her musical background makes itself apparent on “Come Down” with her beautiful and pure voice being set against a gritty, modern style of production born out of a collaboration with the BMG/Chrysalis producer Jo Pereira. Her elegant and ethereal vocals slide over the synth based track, which rises out of a minimal verse sequence and erupts into a powerful and dramatic chorus. The whole piece carries its tone and energy well throughout and perhaps gives us an insight into the direction Nina is heading with her music.


You can listen to “Come Down” below via Soundcloud.




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