Paul O’Grady Admits He Has ‘No Regrets’ Of Rejecting ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ | TV News

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Paul O’Grady Admits He Has ‘No Regrets’ Of Rejecting ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ | TV News

Paul O'Grady


After being asked over ten years ago to appear as a judge on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, comedian and dog lover Paul O’Grady has admitted he doesn’t regret turning down Simon Cowell‘s offer, even though the bosses claimed they’d rename the show Paul O’Grady’s Got Talent if he reconsidered.


Speaking to The Sun, O’Grady revealed he turned down the opportunity to avoid seeming arrogant: “I told the producers they were having a joke if they thought I would front a show with that title. I refused to have it as it sounded quite arrogant”. He continued, admitting he definitely stands by his decision, for he feels he’d have gotten bored – “I have no regrets about turning it down. I would get bored if I was a judge on it”.


When asked whether he’d consider going on the show as a contestant if he was starting out in showbiz now, O’Grady explained: “It’s a great show with all those eccentrics. But I would not go on it if I was starting off today. I would not touch it with a barge pole. You have to have a sob story. And I haven’t got skeletons in my closet, I’ve got cemeteries”!


See the current series of Britain’s Got Talent continue this Saturday at 8pm on ITV. You can also catch yesterday’s episode on ITV Player if you missed it.



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