Phil Lord & Chris Miller Developing New Series ‘We Can Do Better’ | TV News

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Phil Lord & Chris Miller Developing New Series ‘We Can Do Better’ | TV News


Fresh off their firing from the solo Han Solo movie, and following the fan backlash Disney received thanks to their removal as directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller might somehow be even more in demand than they were before. If that is indeed the case, they’ve quickly taken advantage and have set their sights on developing a new show titled We Can Do Better.


The premise for the duos latest project follows “a soccer mom who must deal with her newly ‘woke’ life in the south as a parent, wife, American citizen, and daughter of hardcore conservative parents”. There’s no better time for a show set on examining different political beliefs and a rapidly changing society to come around than right now, so Lord and Miller have timed this unfortunate firing quite well.


The show sounds like a different path for the duo, although they’ve already had a rather eclectic track record for the projects they take on.


They created Clone High, a cult animated series in the early 2000s before going on to direct the animated movie Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, the pleasant surprises that were the 21 Jump Street films before making sure The Lego Movie wasn’t (just) a corporate cash-in but mostly a fun, energetic nostalgic adventure.


Basically, any project these two get their hands on usually turns into something pretty great. It’ll be interesting to see what they can do with the above premise and what kind of show it turns into. It’s still very early days, and the show is in very early development, so we’ll wait on more news.



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