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PINES – Calling You | New Music



Congratulations, you’ve made it past another hump day. And, what’s more, Australian electronic duo Pines are here to propel you toward the weekend with their latest single “Calling You”.


Ever since arriving onto the music scene in mid-April last year with single “All You Need“, the pair from Adelaide have continued to feed our intrigue through follow-up single “Fate“, released last November.


Bridging the gap between the free-flowing Odesza and the off-centre rhytmns of fellow Australian beatmaker, Flume, Pines layers vocal chops and pulsating synths upon a gliding groove to provide the song with an ethereal quality reminiscent not only of Odesza, but another artist hailing from the sunny Southern Hemisphere, Wave Racer.


And, while it may seem as if Australia’s electronic music is drifting toward a general current in regards to songmaking, we remain confident that Pines will, for the most part, steer clear from the conventional to explore the experimental.




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