Pink Is Alive Once Again For London Fashion Week | Fashion News

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Pink Is Alive Once Again For London Fashion Week | Fashion News


During London Fashion Week, a lot of designers included the beautiful and loving pink colour in their fashion line. The colour even gave those dresses more power and energy in the look. A look of a completeness and a sign of wanting to be noticed.


The millennial-pink colour may have been inspired by the very famous pop and R&B singer Rihanna, who was surrounded by millennial-pink mountains range set for the launch of her collaborative collection with Puma at New York Fashion Week, and the launch of her new make-up line Fenty Beauty.


Some of the designers that used the passionate colour at the London Fashion Week show included Preen, Erdem, Emporio Armani and Roksanda. Check out how the different fashion lines used the nurturing colour below.











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