PJ Harvey Debuts New Songs And Poems At Royal Festival Hall | Music News

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PJ Harvey Debuts New Songs And Poems At Royal Festival Hall | Music News



PJ Harvey treated fans to a mini catalogue on new unreleased material at the Royal Festival Hall in London, in which she performed 10 brand new songs. The singer-songwriter rocker played the following tracks: “Chain of Keys”, “The Wheel”, “The Orange Monkey”, “Dollar Dollar”, “The Community of Hope”, “Homo Sappy Blues”, “Medicinals”, “Near the Memorials to Vietnam and Lincoln”, “River Anacostia”, and “The Ministry of Social Affairs”. Earlier in this year, Harvey recorded a new album in sessions open to the public, but this is a collection of tracks are yet to be released, making the 4 year gap from the release of her last album feel like an eternity.


PJ Harvey’s unique concert also included a variety of arts on show, featuring poetry, photos and short films. Her new poetry book The Hollow of the Hand was presented and staged by photographer/filmmaker Seamus Murphy. This book allows readers to follow Harvey and Murphy’s journey between 2011 and 2014 to Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Washington, D.C which also inspired the 10 brand new tracks performed. Take a trip down memory lane and listen to PJ Harvey’s track “The Words That Maketh Murder” released almost 5 years ago.




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