‘Pretty Little Liars’ Finally Reveals Identity Of ‘A’ | TV News

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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Finally Reveals Identity Of ‘A’ | TV News


After five long years over six seasons, the infamous and incredibly evil ‘A’ character in Pretty Little Liars was revealed in the mid-season finale that was released last night (August 11). Many fans have theorized who might be the person that was tormenting the four girls, played by Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario, but finally ‘Charles DiLaurentis’ was unmasked and we found the motives behind their madness.


For those of you who don’t wan’t to find out the big spoiler look away now, but the big reveal turned out to be… Cece Drake played by Vanessa Ray. The story conveyed the character was transgender and was sent to a mental asylum due to not being accepted by his father, this has caused backlash from the LGBT community complaining that it portrays transgender characters in a negative light.


The reveal was met with a predominantly negative reaction from fans complaining about loopholes in the plot, and that some questions were only answered in an interview with show runner Marlene King. The remainder of the season will air in January after a five year time jump. Pretty Little Liars is currently streaming on Netflix.



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