PUP – Sleep In The Heat | Music Video

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PUP – Sleep In The Heat | Music Video



Following the footsteps of Millie Bobby Brown (best known as Eleven from Stranger Things), which starred in the latest Sigma video, her co-star, Finn Wolfhard (Mike Weelher), just starred in the latest music video by the Canadian rock band, PUP.


“Sleep In The Heat” features Wolfhard as a young Stefan Babcock (the lead singer of the band) and in the video the young version of the band takes in a dog and has to make hard decision when the pet gets sick and they have no money to cure it.


The rock song comes from PUP’s album The Dream Is Over, and this collaboration between the band and the actor is a long time coming, considering Wolfhard has been a huge fan of the band. You can check out the video below.




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