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Purity Ring – Asido | New Music

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Purity Ring – Asido | New Music


Purity Ring are currently composing their third studio album but, in the mean time, they have generously released a new song titled “Asido” as a “thank you for both your kindness and your patience” (full Instagram post here).


Today also marks the fifth anniversary of the band’s debut album, Shrines.


In true Purity Ring-style, the song is dreamy and alluring, with a host of abstract images woven into the lyrics to keep listeners intrigued: “How my tongue dried into the dust / How my skin willed a lie / Drill a hole into the field / Just the size of my thigh”.


Of the song, vocalist Megan James says: “I imagine a tractor digging graves, I imagine crying blood, and I imagine eggs being swept away in it”. I don’t really know what that means, but I’m into it.


The fifth replay feels as fresh as the first, thanks to the stunning melody and pure sound of James’ voice; listen to the track below whilst enjoying beautiful visuals from Tallulah Fontaine:




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