Raj Mahal + Kwame – Bluffin | Music Video – Conversations About Her

Raj Mahal + Kwame – Bluffin | Music Video

Conversations About Her

Raj Mahal + Kwame – Bluffin | Music Video



Raj Mahal and Kwame of Sydney, Australia creative collective, Savour The Rations, have come forward with visuals for track, “Bluffin”. They recently increased their following tenfold, also breaking the guest list record (2,100 names) at one of Australia’s most well-known nightclubs, World Bar/The Wall. Influenced by Kanye West and ASAP Mob, too.


“Bluffin” is bleak, set against echoing percussion and very deep bass. The bass drum booms, too, sparsely punctuating passionately spat raps. Ominous strains ring out occasionally, really adding menace. The two certainly bounce of eachother well, like competing to bring out the best in both. The title, and venomous delivery, imply a calling out to fake rappers.


Set in an abandoned warehouse in Sydney, it is a single shot style of video, one at the hands of their director, ZXXN. This, of course, brings both spontaneity and, at the same time, encourages no hiding: your performance has to be full on, intense and unrelenting. This is the case with it being both venomous to hear, and, indeed, watch.




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