Rebecca Ferguson To Join Cast Of ‘The Girl On The Train’ | Film News

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Rebecca Ferguson To Join Cast Of ‘The Girl On The Train’ | Film News


Hot off her recent breakthrough performance in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Rebecca Ferguson is now a serious contender for upcoming action roles. Her latest rumoured casting also puts her co-starring with Emily Blunt, who has impressed in her recent action roles including Live Die Repeat: Edge Of Tomorrow. Ferguson is in current negotiations to join Blunt in The Girl On The Train, based on the novel by Paula Hawkins.


The film, directed by Tate Taylor, is based around Rachel (Blunt), an alcoholic recently divorced who fantasizes about a couple’s life she sees everyday on the train. She goes on a alcoholic bender to wake up in her own house covered in blood after witnessing something awful at the couple’s home. Ferguson would play Anna, a mistress of Rachel’s ex-husband that he’s also passed over for another woman.



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