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Saba + Tink – Temporary | New Music


Emerging Chi-Town artist Saba has dropped a new track, his first one this year actually, called “Temporary”, featuring his fellow Chicago MC Tink. It is produced by CHAD, and is about everything being temporary, as the title already proposes. According to an interview with the FADER, Saba stated about the single, “I make a lot of my songs as reminders to myself … I came to Tink knowing what I wanted to say, but not exactly how I wanted to say it. I know the concept of time comes up a lot in my music. The song ‘Temporary’ was really just a note to myself that all suffering is temporary“. With this positive attitude and the strong will to stay on their grind, Saba and Tink will surely make it onto the ladder of success. Listen to “Temporary” here.




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