Skrillex + Rick Ross – Purple Lamborghini | New Music

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Skrillex + Rick Ross – Purple Lamborghini | New Music



In anticipation of Marvel’s latest venture, Suicide Squad, Skrillex has joined forces with rap heavyweight Rick Ross to bring us their in-your-face anthem that proves that dubstep is still alive and kicking.


Skrillex, a.k.a. Sonny Moore, put his name on the map as a pioneer of the genre back in 2010; that’s all well and good but when you listen to “Purple Lamborghini”, you get the feeling he’s desperately trying to match, if not outdo, the sort of bold aggression that comes so naturally to Ross.


As a whole though, the track works and will easily climb the charts. I just hope that, in future, Moore will find unique ways to compliment his collaborators, instead of merely stamping each piece with his trademark – and often unorthodox – levels of distortion.


Listen to the track below:




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