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Sky Ferreira Teases Appearance On Primal Scream’s New Album | Music News



Primal Scream‘s eleventh album Chaosmosis (of which we talked about here) might contain a special appaerence from pop singer Sky Ferreira. The American singer, who has already worked with the band on her own music, recently posted an album teaser trailer on her Instagram account, with the hashtag #PrimalScream. The same video was posted by the band of their Youtube channel to announce the release date of their new record, which will be on March 18, 2016.


In a recent interview with Billboard, Ferrera has spoken about her experience working with the band, saying: “The reason I like working with them is because there’s absolutely no pressure. It’s nice to walk in somewhere and they’re not like, ‘Okay, your label is harassing me about this and that’. I set it up without anyone else involved, so we just sit and write in a room and there’s no pressure. It’s also just really cool talking to [Gillespie]! Jesus and Mary Chain is one of my favorite bands ever, so at first I was a little nervous. It’s really nice to meet with someone and not be disappointed by it, to have them meet every expectation”.



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