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Son Little – Blue Magic | New Music

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Son Little – Blue Magic | New Music


Grammy award winning singer and producer, Son Little, is back with his new single “Blue Magic (Wakiki),” off his forthcoming second album, New Magic.


With lyrics like, “don’t want to count how many days / I’ve been dragged all around the floor,” Little, once again, shows off his talent for mixing angelic vocals with bittersweet lyrics.


Little formulates a track with deep meaning, however, the sunny beats and happy melody can easily fool a listener into thinking that this is clearly an easy, breezy, summer tune. It is no wonder then that we’re taken in by the catchy tune.


However, with a lot of Little’s music, it’s a task of looking further and beyond the surface to unearth the true emotions of this track.


It reveals, despite, the simple melody of “Blue Magic,” the song itself and its message is not as straight forward as it seems. It gives us, or more so forces upon us, time or a moment to slow down and actually think through “Blue Magic’s” words.


“Blue Magic” is certainly an interesting track. It may not be the most traditional summer hit but it certainly will be a lot more memorable in the long run.


Have a listen to “Blue Magic (Wakiki)” down below.




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