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‘Spring Breakers’ To Become A Digital Series | TV News

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‘Spring Breakers’ To Become A Digital Series | TV News


Harmony Korine‘s 2012 film, Spring Breakers, initially divided audiences but has had its reputation grow over the last few years, and is now set to become a TV series. Producers of the film, Chris Hanley and Fernando Sulichin, will produce the series which will air on Blackpills, a soon-to-launch digital platform.


The series will be the first of four planned scripted series for Blackpills, though Korine is not involved in the project. Hanley’s Muse Productions will not only produce the series but has secured digital rights for the film also. Blackpills co-founder Patrick Holzman said:


“Muse has always been a pioneer in detecting new young talents, so they perfectly complement our vision at Blackpills. We want to engage new audiences by releasing Spring Breakers in an unconventional digital format beyond one typical for movies. Muse’s passion for new progressive formats excites us and marks the start of a long partnership”.


Hanley has also produced such films as American Psycho and Buffalo ’66, and says that micro-episodic format is “the future of digital media”.


Whether the series will retain the film’s sardonic vibe and strong thematic commentary on modern youth remains to be seen. There’s a chance that producers see the show as being vapid escapism in a hedonistic wasteland as the film was initially perceived.


If Blackpills wants to have any chance of sticking around, they’d be smart to go with the former and get off to a hot start. Look at how Netflix arrived with House Of Cards.



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