Stan Lee Wants To See ‘Spider-Man, The Avengers & X-Men’ Movie Collaboration | Film News

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Stan Lee Wants To See ‘Spider-Man, The Avengers & X-Men’ Movie Collaboration | Film News



It seems that Stan Lee is full of ambitious ideas recently, for after announcing that he believes Disney could produce an Avengers/Star Wars crossover, the Marvel legend has now admitted he wants to see a Spider-Man, The Avengers AND X-Men movie. Speaking to DigitalSpy, Lee enthusiastically revealed he’d love to see all of his creations in one movie, but confessed it’d be an incredibly difficult task:


“I would love to see that. Though there are so many of them now that I don’t know if they’d all fit on the screen!”. Despite what would be a momentous task, Lee explained that there’s always a way to write cameo appearances for his beloved superheroes: “Little by little, they are appearing and guest-starring in each other’s movies. It’s such fun, because any one of them could fit into another movie – there’s always a way to write it”.


He took a moment to reflect on his time writing the comics, revealing that he always enjoyed collaborating different superheroes together: “When I was writing the comics, I would always have somebody guest-starring in somebody else’s story. It’s fun to write and I think the readers and the audiences like it too”. Looks like Sony, Marvel and Fox need to get their thinking caps on!



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