‘Star Wars’: John Boyega Confirms Finn And Poe Aren’t A Couple | Film News

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‘Star Wars’: John Boyega Confirms Finn And Poe Aren’t A Couple | Film News



Sorry Tumblr, but it looks like your Star Wars shipping will never make the jump to hyperspace, for John Boyega has confirmed that Finn and Poe (played by Oscar Issac) aren’t, and never will be, a couple. Speculation of a blossoming romance between the dynamic duo arose in The Force Awakens; with several fans insisting there was more behind Poe giving Finn his jacket, following a few intense moments between the two.


However, Boyega shut down the romance before it had even begun, stating to Shortlist that “It’s so not true”. He continued, revealing that Issac actually supports the idea of the new-found buddies becoming a couple – “Oscar wishes it was though, it’s all in his head”. On a more positive note, Boyega did confirm there’s certainly a life-long bromance that’s been formed between the pair: “It’s a brotherly love, a bromance, that’s for sure”. Well, adorable bromance is good enough for me!



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