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Still Woozy + Odie – Lucy | New Music

Conversations About Her

Still Woozy + Odie – Lucy | New Music


Californian musician Sven Gamsky admits, Still Woozy is a perfectly accurate name for both his music and personality. With a tendency to space out, the artist creates tunes that effortlessly take the listener on a cosmic journey, and his latest offering “Lucy“, featuring Toronto producer Odie, is one of such trips.


It’s a short, 2-minute cut, filled with melancholic, though optimistic sounds. Gamsky leads the melody with his recognizable languid way of singing, while Odie infuses it with his R&B-like vocals. But the most attractive thing here is the signature Still Woozy production technique, mixing electronic sounds with acoustic instruments, and creating lively sounding yet relaxing music.


You can see the Oakland-based musician live next month, as he will open a few Gus Dapperton shows in San Francisco (April 22), Los Angeles (April 24) and Santa Ana (April 26), and have his own headline show in LA (April 26).


Fix yourself a tropical cocktail and get lost in thoughts with this dreamy sun-drenched track:




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