‘Stranger Things’ Director Rebecca Thomas To Direct ‘Malignant’ | Film News

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‘Stranger Things’ Director Rebecca Thomas To Direct ‘Malignant’ | Film News


Rebecca Thomas (Stranger Things, Electrick Children) has been hired to direct the sci-fi action thriller, Malignant. The film will be based on the comic Malignant Man, co-created by James Wan (The Conjuring) who will also produce the film.


The film follows the story of a patient with a terminal disease who finds out the malignant tumour is actually an alien parasite. Zak Olkewicz has written the comic adaptation for the screen, based on the source material co-written by Wan and Michael Alan Nelson and illustrated by Piotr Kowalski.


Much like Netflix recently acquired of comic book publisher Millarworld, Fox announced in June that it had made a strategic investment in Boom! Studios, the studio behind Malignant Man, giving the studio a “significant” minority stake and giving them opportunities for content based off the studios’ comics.


This is their first announced adaptation, and it certainly sounds interesting. Fox arguably paved the way for the new wave of R-Rated comic book adaptations with the big successes of Deadpool and Logan, and judging by Malignant‘s synopsis, this will likely need the same rating.


Fox seem to have found a niche within the market, and are attempting to go for the more daring, outrageous content while their studio rivals stick to safer material. Time will tell if their plan pays off, but if Malignant‘s premise is anything to go by, their upcoming comic book adaptations will be memorable, at least.



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