Sulli Provokes Netizens With A New Lolita-esque Instagram Post? | Film News

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Sulli Provokes Netizens With A New Lolita-esque Instagram Post? | Film News


Sulli, a former member of eclectic Korean girl group, f(x), and actress, made headlines on Korean news sites for controversial Instagram pictures she had uploaded earlier yesterday.


In one picture, she holds up an arm that had been snapped off of what appears to be a doll. In a later video, the object from her previous picture is confirmed to be a doll missing its arms. Both posts combined have nearly 2,000 comments though the top comments on Korean reports have nearly 3,000 upvotes.


Popular comments include suggestions she needs to be psychologically treated with isolation and accusations that she posts problematic pictures for the discourse, though there are many comments mentioning how Lolita-esque the armless doll is (a lolita cliche called “teddy bear” where limbs are cut off of children to keep them from moving). There are also comments speculating her current relationship with rapper, Choiza, and how it is struggling.


This isn’t the first (or probably last) time Korean and international online communities have linked Sulli to Lolita concepts. She first earned criticism for participating in a photoshoot with Rotta, a photographer famous for his Lolita concepts and for photographing children.


Though Korean celebrities are extremely careful about keeping their public images conservative, Sulli has been provoking online fan communities with controversial Instagram posts since leaving f(x) in August 2015.


In other news, Real, a movie where Sulli features as a supporting actress, is set to release sometime this year.



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