‘Summer Of Love’ Sparks Fashion Revival On 50th Anniversary | Fashion News

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‘Summer Of Love’ Sparks Fashion Revival On 50th Anniversary | Fashion News


This year is the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love and it appears that the social phenomenon is making a comeback post Paris fashion week. Many designers incorporated the idea of florals and retro fashion into their latest creations.



Rodartes models graced the runway laced in delicate floral creations. Flowers were also intertwined within their hair, which Rodartes styled naturally. Imitating the idea of flower crowns, which were displayed by those back in the 60s. The designs were straight out a fairy-tale, an illustration of simplistic beauty.


Valentino also used the 1967 fashion trend to inspire his collection. Choosing to use the bold colours rather than the floral pattern. Striking, noticeable and daring, his were sure to catch the eyes of the audience. Against the plain background and alongside the models simple hair and makeup the outfits stood out like a diamond in the rough.



Giambattista Valli mimicked the trend through his bold, floral, dainty designs. From electric red trousers to fine floral floor length summer dresses the collection perfectly captured the essence of the summer of love.





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