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Tanya Tagaq – Frostbite | New Music

Conversations About Her

Tanya Tagaq – Frostbite | New Music


Described as “equal parts chilling and ethereal” by Consequences of Sound, Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq‘s song “Frostbite” is the latest contribution to Adult Swim‘s “Singles 2017” where for 52 weeks, they will provide 52 free songs on their website. The TV network has done something like this before, but never for a whole year (to find out more about why they are are doing this, click here).


There are no lyrics to “Frostbite”, but that only allows it more freedom to be interpreted individually. When the music accompanied with Tagaq’s voice come together, it sounds like the song is telling a story, much like a book devoid of words.


When Tagaq performs without music, the results are altogether fascinating yet unnerving as is evident with a nine-minute TED talk. The performance sounds like two different people coming from the same voice box, battling to be heard over each other.


According to Tagaq in an interview with the Open University, the noises used with Inuit throat singing “are emulating the sounds of the land or the sounds of animals”. There is even a demonstration of what a puppy running and slipping on ice sounds like using these sounds.


All in all, this music is very different but its experimental, raw feel is rather alluring.


Listen to “Frostbite” below and discover the four previous submissions to Adult Swim by clicking here.




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