‘Ted 2’ – Funny In Parts But Ultimately Disappointing | Film Review

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‘Ted 2’ – Funny In Parts But Ultimately Disappointing | Film Review


I had a worrying feeling that this film wouldn’t quite hit the mark and unfortunately after watching the film, I was right to be worried. Don’t get me wrong there are parts of this film that are funny, really funny in fact, however there is so much dull storyline and flat jokes in between, that you will ultimately leave disappointed. It feels like a film that doesn’t have a structure or doesn’t know the kind of film it wants to be.


This may be due to the fact that the writer/director/producer and everything else, Seth MacFarlane wants you to know he did in the movie. Honestly the opening sequence just feels like a contest he had for how many times he could fit his name into the opening credits. Maybe I’m being harsh, because I do really like a lot of Seth MacFarlane’s work, it just doesn’t seem that he knows how to make the transition from series to blockbuster movie.


Ironically the jokes that work are the cutaway scenes that show Ted and John just having fun and messing around, whether it be tormenting comedians or throwing things at joggers. If the film had been this funny the whole way through, it probably would have performed better at the box office. What doesn’t work is the needless cameos, or forced jokes that ultimately end up falling flat, half the time you’re not even sure it was a joke.


It’s a shame because I do really like Ted and thought it had true potential, it just may be a step too far for MacFarlane who should probably just stick to TV where his formula works. That’s not saying he is a failure by any means, as I’ve said I am a huge fan of his previous work. Unfortunately after watching Ted 2, I just feel slightly disappointed and can only remember one true belly laugh in the entire two hours.




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