‘Teen Titans’ Live-Action Plans Are Cancelled | TV News

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‘Teen Titans’ Live-Action Plans Are Cancelled | TV News

Teen Titans


Sorry guys, but TNT Drama has confirmed they have scrapped plans to release Titans – their live-action drama which would have revolved around the iconic DC Comic book series Teen Titans. The news comes just a year and a half after the network first revealed their plans to put the product into development.


The network confirmed the news via a TC presentation; where Kevin Reilly revealed: “We decided it wasn’t where we wanted to go“. The series was set to follow former Robin (now Nightwing) Dick Grayson as he built a team of young heroes in the wake of his split from Batman. Other characters expected to appear included Starfire, Raven, Oracle, Dove, and Hawk. On a positive note, an animated Justice League vs Titans movie is in the works from DC themselves!



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