‘The Apprentice’ Candidate Selina Waterman-Smith Releases Her Own ‘You’re Fired’ Video On YouTube | TV News

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‘The Apprentice’ Candidate Selina Waterman-Smith Releases Her Own ‘You’re Fired’ Video On YouTube | TV News

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Once exiting The Apprentice, candidates are usually to appear on The Apprentice: You’re Fired, however this was not the case for Selina Waterman-Smith. After Lord Sugar decided to fire Waterman-Smith in last night’s episode of the BBC series, she did not appear on the spin-off, but instead decided to upload a video onto YouTube herself entitled The Apprentice – You’re Fired.


The video was uploaded onto her own account, and has already racked up over 30,000 views in just over 12 hours. The feedback however, judging by the amount of dislikes and the comment section, is not a positive one. Selina did not come across well throughout the series, with the word “negativity” being aimed at her on several occasions (although she preaches that the editing team is to blame). Despite this though, she seemed somewhat defiant in her video, very proud of what she achieved in the tasks set out for the candidates.


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At the start of the video she claims that reason she didn’t feature on The Apprentice: You’re Fired was “largely due to some issues [she] had with the production company of the show“. She went on to talk of her experiences, “I met some absolutely amazing people“, she stated, “I am really happy I got to meet them in what was a slightly negative experience“. She also wanted to remind people that she “was project manager twice and I won both times“.


However, after tweeting recently that she would reveal all to reporters, she didn’t reveal much in her video. She has made bold claims of her experience on The Apprentice, but has yet to reveal concrete reasons as to why. Something tells me this is not the last we will see or hear from Selina Waterman-Smith.




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