‘The Audience’ In Final Week At London’s Apollo Theatre | Events – Conversations About Her

‘The Audience’ In Final Week At London’s Apollo Theatre | Events

Conversations About Her

‘The Audience’ In Final Week At London’s Apollo Theatre | Events


If you are a theatre lover and didn’t have a chance to see The Audience at the legendary Apollo Theatre, there is still a final week to do it. The play, directed by Stephen Daldry and written by Peter Morgan is coming to the end, with the closing show going to take place on the 25th of July, after a well-received three-month presence on London’s West End.


The Audience is a unique offer on this year’s theatrical map. People who follow life of Queen Elizabeth II but also the ones who are simply interested in her biography, will have a chance to experience a fantastic lesson of history and embark on a journey through the years of her reign. Beginning from the coronation in June 1953, spectators wander through the momentous events such as the Suez Crisis, the UK miners’ strike and the death of Diana Princess of Wales.


This two-hour historical retrospection is guided by Kristin Scott Thomas, who plays the role of Queen Elizabeth II. She had a big challenge ahead, after a successful adaptation with Helen Mirren from 2013. The actress has been playing this role again on Broadway recently. The Audience is simply a record of Queen’s weekly audiences with prime ministers who ruled during her reign. With each of them, the monarch had a specific and different relationship, reflected in unique acting.


There would be no play without charismatic Winston Churchill, played by David Calder. David Cameron brings some funny moments and a spirit of modern generation. Legendary Margaret Thatcher, together with her gestures, facial expressions and manner of speaking was perfectly presented by Selvestra Le Touzel. Every prime minister’s appearance gives a new direction to the play, causing specific emotions.


Wonderful music, detailed and original scenography, Kristin Scott Thomas and her guests. All of these surprises are waiting for you at the Apollo Theatre until the 25th of July, if you will only decide to be among The Audience. To find out more information or to get your tickets, click here.



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