The Avalanches Announce New Album ‘Wildflower’ | Music News

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The Avalanches Announce New Album ‘Wildflower’ | Music News

The Avalanches


The Australian Electronic group The Avalanches have announced their second album Wildflower. It’s their second album in 16 years, following their 2000 debut Since I Left You.


During an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio, they premiered a new track “Frankie Sinatra” featuring Danny Brown and MF Doom. On top of that, they announced they’d be releasing their new album Wildflower which is 21 tracks/’segments’ long and it’ll be out July 8 on XL Recordings.


In a note to their fans on Instagram they group said: “Sorry we kept you waiting. It’s been a wild ride and at times we thought we would never make it through. What kept us going was a belief in the day-to-day experience of music as a life force“.


Exciting times for Avalanches fans. Listen to their interview with Zane Lowe here. Watch the video for “Frankie Sinatra” below.




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