The Bikini Everyone Is Wearing This Summer | Fashion News

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The Bikini Everyone Is Wearing This Summer | Fashion News


Every summer, one bikini is always seen more than the other. A style, shape or colours that storms through the fashion industry and is seen on every celeb at some point during the hotter months of the year. It seems that this year’s most popular bikini is a style most commonly seen from the Bamba bikini brand.


Emily Ratajkowski was one of the first celebs to be seen in the cute summer two piece when she posed for a picture on her holidays a couple of weeks ago. Since then the item has seen to become more and more popular, seen online in most of the holiday pictures.


The style is said to be popular as it is flattering for all with a V shaped wire fitting it’s both supportive and stylish for any size.




The bikini comes in a range of colours making it the perfect summer staple for anyone going away to soak in the sun on the beach or relaxing by the pool. The brand also do many other styles of swimwear, from high thigh costumes to high neck bikinis. There is something for everyone.





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