The Crookes Talk Band Traditions, Anywhere Records And Music Video Plans | Music News

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The Crookes Talk Band Traditions, Anywhere Records And Music Video Plans | Music News



Earlier this year, The Crookes released their new album, Lucky Ones. WPGM met them and asked about their upcoming projects.


“We have a video for ‘Roman Candle’ in the works at the moment which is set in a 1980s bowling alley,” they said excitedly. “Tom is also planning to make one for ‘Six Week Holiday’ where he straps a go pro to his head and goes off into the peak district. The scenery out there is amazing so that should end up being great”.


Their own record label, Anywhere Records, made things easier for them. “If we have a decision to make about artwork, album tracklisting or anything important like that we just all get together, have a cup of tea and figure it out between ourselves rather than having to go to London or get embroiled in a world of emails and phone calls. Having things in our own hands is a great feeling”.


The guitarist, Daniel, publishes his tour impressions on their website. There’s a line saying “My biggest fear has always been to wake up one day and realise I’ve lived the same year eighty times”. WPGM asked them, if they think they’ll be satisfied when they are 80, if their lives continue as exciting as they are today.


“Definitely. We are all very lucky to be doing something we used to dream about as kids so even if it were to all end tomorrow, we’ve crammed so much into our time as a band we’d still look back and think ‘How the hell did we manage that?’”


The Crookes were recently on tour with Catfish And The Bottlemen. “A couple of months ago we were sat in a hotel room in Holland when Tom got a text from their tour manager, Steve, asking us if we wanted to join them on tour. We obviously said yes! The tour was a great experience for us and I’ve never seen crowds like their’s for energy and sheer dedication”.


Before gigs, the band likes to play songs like “Thunder Road” by Bruce Springsteen and “New England” by Billy Bragg to get them going. “Also we have a really lame band handshake (kind of like a four way fist bump-come-thumbs up) that we do just before going on stage that has become something we have to do”.


Don’t forget to check out their current tour dates.



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