‘The Exorcist’ Will Mark Geena Davis Television Return | TV News

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‘The Exorcist’ Will Mark Geena Davis Television Return | TV News



News about the FOX led reboot of the 1974 horror classic just keeps getting better, as Golden Globe nominee Geena Davis lands a recurring role tot he upcoming series.


According to reports about the show’s premise, the story will focus on two different men as leading characters, who are left to deal with one family’s struggle against a demonic possession. Davis will reportedly play the character of Angela Rance, a religious woman who is plagued with dreams of demonic images.


The show will mark the actress’ return to television, with her last performance being a recurring role in Grey’s Anatomy. She was also well known for many of her roles on film, such as Beetlejuice, Thelma and Louis, and Stuart Little.



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