The New Erdem x H&M Collaboration Is Here | Fashion News

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The New Erdem x H&M Collaboration Is Here | Fashion News


The collaboration between fashion designer Erdem and H&M has brought another look to the collection and the fashion line. The Swedish fashion brand has been working with a lot of different designers, and the collaboration with Erdem makes it the 17th fashion designer, they are collaborating with.


H&M´s many collaboration has also increased another view and quality of the brand that has become even bigger since they started to collaborate with fashion designers. Some of the designers H&M have collaborated with previously include Stella McCartney, Kenzo and Balmain.


Brand creative advisor, Ann-Sofie Johansson says about Erdem that he is: “a poetic addition”. The collection line has a lot of feminine dresses which are decorated with Erdem´s wildflower blooms that is his signature. The collection has an old fashion look mixed with a royal modern touch from the ribbons, silks, style and design.


Check out some of the clothes from the new Erdem x H&M collection here:











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