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The New Way To Wear Denim Shorts | Fashion News


Denim Shorts are a necessity to everyone when the summer months approach. The cool fabric allows easy, efforless style that keeps you cool when the sun beats down. It appears that this year it’s all about tucking your tshirt, shirt or vest into the item. Celebrities have been sporting the chic look everywhere this summer and even though Autumn is fast approaching, it’s still currently shorts weather.





The look can be dressed up with heeled sandals, boots or wedges and pairing the look with a bold, eye catching statement belt or can be easily dressed down with a distressed band shirt and ballet pumps or trainers. The possibilities for styling the look are endless and it gives you the opportunity to embrace your sense of style and inner stylist and create a look that works and is comfortable for you.


The trend can even follow through to the colder months with the use of tights or knee socks as they can add warmth and autumn style for when the air becomes crisp and the trees start to turn golden brown.





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