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The So So Glos – Dancing Industry | New Music

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The So So Glos – Dancing Industry | New Music



The So So Glos are said to be “a band fighting apathy, a band intent on distracting and inspiring a generation away from their phones and their screens, dragging them out onto the street, dancing, fucking and fighting for a future”. The group have just had their new track “Dancing Industry” premiered via Kerrang! who say the song is a “brilliantly uplifting new tune”. ClASH has also said “The track is explosive from the off, deliberately anthemic in a way that really gets under your skin.”


“Dancing Industry” marks the comeback of The So So Glos, with their upcoming album Kamikaze due for realse on September 9 via Votiv Music, the new album is said to feature some of the rawest song writing material yet.


Vocalist and bassist Levi Aleksander says of the new track: “Dancing Industry’ is a call to action, Calling kids of all ages, come out, come out wherever you are. Come from behind your screens, from out of the cupboard and onto the dance floor. Let’s take the humanity back and build a new army of empathic, peace seeking individuals. Let’s churn out this feeling in an assembly line like fashion. This ain’t a party we’re starting; it’s a movement that we’re blowing up”.


Find the post via Kerrang! here. and the music video for the track below.




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